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Baltic Robot Sumo Tallinn 2010 Autumn Cup
is held on 2nd October
in Estonia in Tallinn University of Technology,
Ehitajate tee 5, with beginning at 10 am.

Competition is free for competitors and spectators.

Accommodation for paticipators will be provided,
but registration before 22nd September is necessary.


Registration is over

(registration for accommodation ends 22nd September) 

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Tallinn cup schedule




You will have a chance to see intensive competition between the best baltic sumo robots in three categories:

     Standard Sumo (3kg). Level: From midlevel to expert. Very agressive and powerful robots.

     Mini Sumo (0.5kg). Level: From beginners to midlevel. Most popular class.

     Roomba Sumo. Level: For everybody. Easy to use and modify.


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